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We are the drafting unit of the National standard "Design Code for Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant". We have been designing and manufacturing capacity of 6 million Nm³/d of natural gas liquefaction plant and 1000 t/d of liquid air separation plant, as well as the front technology of hydrogen liquefaction, storage, transportation and filling, helium extraction and liquefaction, which product technical performance index is at the leading level in China.
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Sichuan Shudao Equipment

Build a world-class and internationally famous manufacturing service platform

Sichuan Shudao Equipment & Technology Co., LTD. (SSET, stock code: 300540) was founded in 2001 and listed on GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2016. It is now directly under the Shudao Investment Group Co., LTD.

We focus on R&D and manufacturing of natural gas liquefaction equipment, liquid air separation equipment, cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment. Under the power of Shudao Investment Group, we also commit to the manufacturing and business operation of hydrogen energy, charging station (charging pile), integrated energy station and other clean energy equipment, industrial gas investment and operation and transportation equipment manufacturing services.