Large-scale Cryogenic Storage Tank

SSET has been designed manufactured and operated more than 20 sets of atmospheric vertical cylinder storage tanks for cryogenic liquid and related storage trucking loading vaporization systems.

The annular space of fixed-roof type flat bottom vertical cylindrical storage tank is filled with perlite for insulation, while the bottom of tank is composed of perlite concrete and foam glass brick. After perlite being filled up then charged with dried N for protection.

Tank size more than 10000 m3 in volume is of floating roof type. The insulation material is glass wool for roof, and a combination of perlite with glass wool for tank shell annular space and a combination of perlite concrete with foam glass brick for tank bottom. Outer shell is able to contain BOG vaporized.

The tank is well equipped with remote control for pressure, temperature and flow rate to ensure a safety operation.

Design Pressure:10kPa~80kPa

Size in effective volume:20050000

Medium: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and LNG, etc.